My name is Alex. I’m an electrical engineer in Cranston, RI. I graduated from Boston University, with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and concentration in Energy Technologies and Environmental Engineering, and from Brown University, with a masters in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Within the past few years, I’ve become very concerned with the current food system around the world, and especially in the United States. With wars, global political unrest, and climate change, we already live in uncertain times. This unpredictability and insecurity is only enhanced by an agricultural system which treats food like any other commodity, relying on artificially cheap foreign oil, dangerous chemicals and genetically modified organisms, and the gullibility of people and governments alike, to advance the interests of a few, very powerful companies at the expense of the health of our world. There is, however, still hope beyond the horizon. The current movement toward organic, localized, sustainable food systems shows promise for the future of this planet, and, given whatever choice we “consumers” still have left in the marketplace, we can make a happier, healthier tomorrow.

I also focus much of my attention on the global treatment of the environment. With climate change, localized air and water pollution, and our degradation of renewable and nonrenewable resources alike, I see the health of the environment, and as an extension, the operation of our agricultural and energy economies, as the most important issue(s) of our time.

That being said, in this blog I’d like to bring to attention the various issues, as I see them, of our modern agricultural and economic systems, and offer solutions on both the individual and societal levels. I will also occasionally talk about my own backyard garden (i.e. “my farm”). Though I admit that I lean toward the left politically, I will try not to speak about partisan political issues. It is my honest belief that, no matter what your political beliefs are, anyone and everyone can support a system of safer food and a healthier environment. So read up, enjoy yourself, and leave a comment or two to keep the discussion rolling!


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